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Typically the process of getting into a detox facility can be accomplished all within 24 hours. Our staff will take you through a step by step process FREE of charge and help coordinate your admission into the right Detox or rehab. Call now 866.384.8989.  If you are wondering How to get into Rehab Immediately, please let us know.

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If you are looking for a Substance Abuse or Dual Diagnosis rehab for yourself or a loved one you have probably found the process a bit overwhelming. There are thousands of detox facilities and long term rehab programs across the country. At Expert Rehab Placement we realize that when an individual or their family are in crisis and seeking help, they have enough on their plate and can use some help with the more time consuming aspects of finding the right rehab for their situation and budget.

Our team of substance abuse rehab experts has been working with treatment programs across the country to build relationships so that each family in crisis doesn't have to worry. We have personally visited the facilities we recommend, and can help you determine which program is the best fit for you and your budget. Expert Rehab Placement takes the time to understand each person’s treatment needs and truly cares that you start on the road to healing and recovery!

At Expert Rehab Placement, many of our programs accept private medical insurance. Financing is also available and we can help you complete the application. Working with our team is at no cost to you and here are some of the services we provide to help make your process of finding the right substance abuse program as painless as possible.

Free phone assessment
  • Free phone assessment
  • Reviewing your insurance policy for benefits
  • Family Coaching
  • Matching the addict to the correct treatment program
  • Recommendation for a medical detox program
  • Intervention Services if the addict is not willing
  • Local and national treatment resources

For many people, reaching out for help comes only once they have hit rock bottom. Oftentimes addicts never reach out for help and it is their family or friends who begin the process. Our expert staff at Expert Rehab Placement can help you find the right treatment program to fit your needs and offer you guidance and support through this most difficult time. Don't hesitate to call us, we are here to help you and provide a wealth of knowledge and expertise for those in need.

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