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With over ten years working in Behavioral Health, sales and marketing, we are helping families throughout the United States find effective treatment options. Our consultations are completed over our help line 866.384.8989 at no cost to the individual. Long range treatment plans are formulated and can include: pre-admissions support and guidance, interventions, treatment center placements: medically supervised detoxification, residential treatment, PHP treatment, IOP treatment, out-patient counselors and or therapists, ongoing family support, sober living, 12 step meeting resources, Celebrate Recovery resources and Smart Recovery resources.

We are expert at helping find treatment resources for:

  • Substance abuse
  • hard to place clients
  • Clients with special needs (seizure disorder, medical issues, pregnant women, etc.)
  • adolescents
  • executives and professionals
  • persons with co-occurring disorders
  • clients using private or commercial medical insurance, PPO EPO and HMO
  • clients needing private pay treatment centers
  • clients needing low cost or sliding scale facilities
  • clients needing free and no cost programs
  • traditional mental-health with medication management
  • psychiatric medication withdrawal programs
  • integrative medicine
  • holistic behavioral health and substance abuse 
Mark Wenzel – Founder, Behavioral Health Consultant - Expert Rehab Placement SW

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Mark Wenzel – CEO

Expert Rehab Placement, LLC

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Expert Rehab Placement Testimonial:

“Mark was one of the catalysts that got me into the rehab center that I ended up finally attending. He did an amazing job of using his resources and knowledge in the recovery community to find a rehab center that would best suit my desires and needs. One of the best things about Mark was rather than just placing me in a program then forgetting about me, he continually followed up and made sure that I was still getting the help that I needed in order to be successful again. If only more people were like Mark in the recovery community that really truly cared about every single one of their clients. Your loved one deserves the best help they can get and Mark is an amazing resource to help you help them.” G.B.

Expert Rehab Placement you can trust!

At first glance you could be wondering why you or a loved one would need help with Rehab Placement. Most rehabs offer their own placement services and websites, surely you could call them directly. We give you solid, trustworthy options that you can then screen on your own.  Our service is founded on integrity so facilities that don't perform at top levels consistently get terminated from our network.

Our Founder Mark Wenzel and co-founder Steven Woodring both have a long history of recovery and working with treatment programs. For almost a decade now Mark has been helping people get into treatment programs, locate insurance verification, and coaching families through difficult times. He has built relationships with hundreds of treatment programs and visited many large networking events and toured programs across the country. He can listen to and understand your situation then help you decide which program matches your insurance and your budget, and then help you through his networking contacts to find effective rehab placement, usually at a price better than you would be offered in a fraction of the time it would take you on your own.

Steven Woodring - Co-Founder

Co-Founder Steven Woodring also has a long history of recovery, having gone through both mental health and substance abuse rehabs nearly a decade ago. He is an advocate for any addict who wishes to seek recovery, and for any person in a mental health crisis. With 15 years of crisis management and family consulting expertise, he is a valuable asset to all those in need of help.

Combining their resources, long-term friends Mark and Steve Created Expert Rehab Placement as a tool, free of charge, for those who need a trustworthy advocate in locating the correct treatment program and rehab placement. Their years of networking provides you with valuable benefits such as faster rehab placement, lower copayments, more attentive care, insight on your difficult situation from people who have been where you are and lived to see the other side. Their expertise is priceless to anyone seeking help.

Whether you are paying out of pocket, have PPO or HMO insurance or need financing advice, the team at Expert Rehab Placement can help you find a solution. We have many programs in our network and we will work to find you the perfect rehab for your situation.

Located in the area of Scottsdale Arizona, Expert Rehab Placement offers their service free of charge to callers. They are also major advocates for recovery based activities in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. It is the company's mission to help every person and family who needs it, ethically with the utmost discretion. Rehab Placement can be a difficult process, please read our step by step guide explaining why this service can be vital to finding the right program.

Typically the process of getting into a detox facility can be accomplished all within 24 hours. Our staff will take you through a step by step process FREE of charge and help coordinate your admission into the right Detox or rehab. Call now 866.384.8989

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