Primary Mental Health

Antidepressant Withdrawal

We have seen cases of very severe Antidepressant withdrawal with individuals coming off antidepressants after 10 years, and while it is possible, it does require a full commitment to ones healing and working in collaboration with the medical team's recommendations. Antidepressant Withdrawal can cause debilitating mental and physical symptoms in some cases.  Click the following link for more info on Antidepressant Withdrawal.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

Dual Diagnosis is a description of a person that suffers from both drug addiction and mental health diagnosis. For someone with a dual diagnosis, the addiction to drugs, or mind-altering substances, can even cause the individual to abuse or overuse any prescription medication they receive for mental health concerns. Click the following link for more info on Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers.

Psychiatric Medication Taper Programs

Expert Rehab Placement works with many Psychiatric Medication Taper Programs across the country. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mental illness and would prefer a more natural form of treatment for yourself, please contact us.  Click the following link for more info on Psychiatric Medication Taper Programs.

Inpatient Depression Treatment Centers

For many people affected by depression or anxiety, the symptoms can be so severe that their lives begin to spiral out of control. Individuals facing severe depression can often lose their motivation to live or perform basic tasks in their life without constant support.  Click the following link for more info on Inpatient Depression Treatment Centers.

Long Term Rehab after a psychiatric hold

Psychiatric Holds or 5150 are a process in which somebody who has severe mental health symptoms can be held or evaluated. In some instances, these psych holds are mandated by the local government through a process in which the family or loved one's petition to have the affected person assessed and admitted into inpatient care.  Click the following link for more info on Long Term Rehab after a psychiatric hold.

Holistic mental health inpatient

These days many people are seeking out Holistic Mental Health inpatient programs versus a standard psychiatric hospital. A holistic and more natural approach to mental health care can have a more positive long-term effect compared to the use of psychiatric medications.  Click the following link for more info on Holistic mental health inpatient.

Medication Management for Anxiety

If you have been recommended a course of medication management for anxiety, there is some information you should review before beginning your treatment.  Click the following link for more info on Medication Management for Anxiety.

Medication Addiction

With prescription medications being easily accessible at various doctors and psychiatrist offices, medication addiction and dependency is on the rise.  Click the following link for more info on Medication Addiction.

Typically the process of getting into a detox facility can be accomplished all within 24 hours. Our staff will take you through a step by step process FREE of charge and help coordinate your admission into the right Detox or rehab. Call now 866.384.8989

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